Frequently Asked Questions:



1.) Where can I use the FloorDoorCrabTrapTM?


The trap works great off of boats, bridges, docks, piers, or with a float.


2.) How does the FloorDoorCrabTrapTM work?

Attach bait to the inside of the trap using wire or string. Lower the trap to the bottom of the river. When the trap hits the bottom, it is already in the open position. Allow 5 or 10 minutes for crabs to enter the trap. As you raise the trap from the water, the floor door closes and the crabs cannot escape.


3.) Do they come with a rope or a float?

No, they do not come "Rigged". It is up to you to purchase the length and type of rope you want to use, although we do suggest a Nylon type of rope. A float is not necessary to use the trap off of boats, bridges, docks, or piers. But, you can purchase floats if you are planning on letting them sit in the middle of the river.


4.) What size is the trap? Can you stack the traps and do they come apart for storage? 

12.5" High, 20" Diameter.Yes, they come apart and you can stack/store them.


5.) Are the traps legal in my state?

After speaking with various state officials, we have found that there are two main concerns when it comes to recreational crab traps: 1.) The trap must be manually opened and closed. 2.) If the trap is lost while in use (Breaks free from it's rope), the crabs and any other living things, must be able to escape and not die in the trap. The FloorDoorCrabTrapTM  clearly addresses both of these concerns. If you have concerns, check with the authorities in the state(s) you plan to use the trap in.


6.) Why does the FloorDoorCrabTrapTM cost more than most traditional box and pyramid crab traps?


Comparing the FloorDoorCrabTrapTM to traditional (Outdated) box and pyramid style crab traps is like comparing a new car to a thirty year old junker... If you want to use crab traps in which the doors do not open half the time and the strings get tangled, stick with the old crappy traps. If you want a trap that has only one moving part (The floor door), which works EVERY time, upgrade and buy a FloorDoorCrabTrapTM. With the high price of blue claw crabs, our traps usually pay for themselves in one or two outtings. Also, remember, you get what you pay for!


7.) Can I sell them in my retail store?

Yes, bait & tackle stores and any all other types of retailers are welcome to contact us about purchasing traps at discounted rates to resell. Please let us know how many traps you are interested in purchasing by sending an email to


8.) Do you give refunds or take back traps for any reason?



If you need a Fishing or Crabbing Buddy, check out


Disclaimer: It is clearly understood that when you are agreeing to purchase our crab traps, you are also agreeing that neither you nor those using traps you purchase will take legal action for any reason against the trap's inventor, manufacturer, or website owner.






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